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2018 Shamrock Run inspired to be better

Therapy through movement

Allison Cavil
Purchasing Assistant at Moda

Running has always given Allison the freedom to release stress when facing overwhelming odds. From being hit by a car at the age of five, which left her immobile for three months, to supporting her son through multiple strokes and chemotherapy, running has been her therapy that, at times, just got her through the day.

Today, Allison believes in moving, at whatever level. Whether she's running or walking, she trains and participates in a dozen events a year including the Shamrock Run and Komen Race for the Cure to stay fit and give back to the causes she believes in.

Running to help others

Jarrod Gans
Senior Sales Executive at Moda

For Jarrod, running is more than just staying in shape; it's a platform for helping others put their lives back together. Jarrod will be part of a team of runners from the Union Gospel Mission's LifeChange Program running in this year's Shamrock Run. The group helps individuals who have struggled with alcohol or drug addiction, make improvements in their lives.

Running or walking with someone willing to share their story inspires Jarrod. For him, running is a way to lend an ear and support others trying to get their lives back on track.

Inspire by example

Jenn Gross
IT Project Lead at Moda

Nick Gross
Compliance Officer at Moda

Running may not come easy for Jenn and Nick, but that doesn't stop them from lacing up each year for the Shamrock Run. Jenn's the catalyst, who inspires her husband Nick to find it within himself to pursue a more active lifestyle. While getting started can be a challenge, Nick understands the benefits of crossing that finish line you feel better about it and better about yourself.

As active parents, Jenn and Nick hope to set an example that inspires their young daughters to find something they love to do, have fun and be active as they grow up.

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