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Benefit Tracker FAQs

Signing up for Benefit Tracker

Using Benefit Tracker

Why should I use Benefit Tracker?

The Moda Health Benefit Tracker service offers many benefits:

  • Quick and easy location of eligibility and benefit information — without having to call Moda Health.
  • 24/7 access to the most up-to-date benefit information
  • Quick determination of the best treatment plan for your patient, based on benefit information
  • Up-to-date claims status information on current patients
  • Simple search filters for finding the status of older claims
  • Print option for hard copies for patient files, statement plan presentations and easy updates to plan benefit software

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How do I register for Benefit Tracker?

You can register for Benefit Tracker now by completing the registration process at the Delta Dental National website.

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What is my “authorization code”?

When a Benefit Tracker account is created, an authorization code is mailed to the business office address. Temporary access is given for 14 days. If the authorization code is not entered in that time frame, the account will be disabled. This is a security precaution to verify that someone from the business office was the creator of the account. The authorization code will only need to be entered once to permanently activate the account.

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Why am I sometimes taken to a different online system while trying to log into Benefit Tracker?

Because Moda Health is part of the National Delta Dental Plans Association, when you register for Benefit Tracker, you are automatically registered with the Delta Dental National online system, “Dentist Connection.” To access Benefit Tracker, go to the Dental Providers section of the Moda Health website to login. The login screen is located on the Delta Dental National website, so if you save the login screen in your favorites, the system won't know which Delta Dental you are from and will log you into its online system instead of Benefit Tracker.

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How do I contact Benefit Tracker Customer Service?

  • Email

  • Telephone numbers

    Toll-free: 877-337-0651

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Why does it say either my user ID or password is incorrect when I know I'm entering it correctly?

Make sure you are not typing in all capitals when attempting to log in. Benefit Tracker is case-sensitive and will not recognize your user ID or password if the case is not correct.

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Why won't it accept the new password I've chosen?

Benefit Tracker passwords must be alphanumeric (a combination of letters and numbers), contain no special symbols and be a minimum of six characters in length. For example, troy56 or 401khelp would be good passwords.

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I changed my password successfully, but the next time I logged in it said my new password was incorrect. Why?

You may have a Windows preference that automatically stores your passwords for you. When you get a pop-up box that asks if you want to change your password to the one stored in Windows, choose "yes."

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Why can't I see that the patient had a cleaning three months ago at a different office?

You will not be able to access claims that were filed by a different dentist. You will, however, be able to see the amount that your patient has remaining in the calendar or benefit year, regardless of who did the treatment. This information is found in the "Plan maximums and deductibles" box, located on the Eligibility and Benefits screen.

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What if I don't know the subscriber's ID number?

Because of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements, and federal mandates that regulate the privacy of insurance information, you must have the subscriber's ID number along with the patient's first and last name to be able to access his or her information. Subscriber ID numbers can be found on the patient's Moda Health ID card.

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My patient is coming up "Member not found" but he/she was on Benefit Tracker just last week. Why can't I find him/her now?

If a member no longer has active coverage, you will not be able to access his or her benefit information. This setup prevents any confusion regarding active and inactive coverage.

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