Enrollment periods

Open enrollment

Open enrollment for 2017 individual and family medical coverage ended on Jan. 31, 2017. To change your medical plan or to enroll in new medical coverage for the remainder of 2017, you’ll have to qualify for special enrollment.

Special enrollment

Certain life events might qualify you for special enrollment. This means you can enroll in a health plan outside of the annual open enrollment period. Here are a few of the qualifying events that could make you or those you cover eligible:

  • You have a newborn.
  • You gained a spouse or domestic partner or you became a spouse or domestic partner.
  • You lost healthcare coverage due to termination of employment.
  • You lost healthcare coverage because you or a dependent turned 26 and are no longer eligible to be covered by your plan.
  • You lost healthcare coverage due to discharge from the military.
  • You lost your dependent coverage through divorce or legal separation, or because a qualified individual or dependent died.

Learn more about special enrollment, including qualifying events, coverage effective dates and documents you’ll need to provide in order to enroll.

Dental enrollment

There’s no open enrollment period when you sign up for Dental Delta coverage with us, so you’re free to enroll year-round. If you are a current Delta Dental member, you can make plan changes only during medical open or special enrollment.

You can enroll in a dental plan through the federal Marketplace at HealthCare.gov only if you are enrolling in a medical plan at the same time during an enrollment period.