Renewing your plan for 2020

Open enrollment starts on Nov. 1, but the details of our 2020 plans will be available in early October.  Submit your email address below to get notified when our plans are available for review.

For 2020, we are offering medical coverage in most areas in Oregon, medical coverage in three boroughs in Alaska, and dental coverage throughout Oregon and Alaska. 

Medical plans

With our 2020 medical plans in Oregon, the in-network primary care provider (PCP) you choose will work closely with the rest of your care team to help you get healthy and live well. All 2020 medical plans are connected to an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) network. There are no out-of-network benefits with an EPO plan, except for medical emergency and retail pharmacy services. Your healthcare provider and specialists must be in-network for the plan you choose, or you will be responsible for the full cost of out-of-network services.

In Alaska, you can choose from 2 tiers of in-network providers in Alaska to get care.

Dental plans

With Delta Dental of Oregon and Alaska, you'll have access to the nation's largest dental network. You’ll continue to get access to quality in-network dentists, cleanings every six months and superior customer service.

Check your benefits usage

Knowing how you’ve been using your benefits so far in 2019 can help you decide what kind of coverage you’ll need in the coming year. Log in to your Member Dashboard, myModa, to see how you’ve been using your plan. In the Benefits tab, you can see how much of your deductible remains and how close you are to reaching your out-of-pocket maximum. Go to the Pharmacy tab to get reports on your prescription claims history.

(If you’ve never used your Member Dashboard, myModa, you can easily create an account, using the information on your member ID card.)

Get notified when plans are available

Get a head start before open enrollment and review our plan offerings for 2020—including the comparable plan we have matched you to. Just give us your email address, and we’ll send you an email when the details on all our plans are available in early October.

If you enrolled in 2019 plans at the Marketplace, visit between November 1 – December 15, 2019 to update your 2020 application. If you don’t take this step by December 15, 2019 your medical benefits and any financial assistance you may receive may not automatically start on January 1, 2020. Please be aware that if you make changes to your medical plan, you must reselect your dental plan or you will lose your dental coverage.