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Moda Assist Program

Moda Assist Community Collaboration Kit

Congratulations on being one of three Oregon cities selected to compete for a new all-access playground! Moda Health and the Portland Trail Blazers are excited to work with you to help us determine this year's winner.

How the program works

The community that will receive this year's Moda Assist funds is determined by a friendly, four-week online voting contest, which takes place Feb. 20 to March 20. The contest rules are simple: the city with the most votes at the end of the voting period, wins.

From past years, we've learned that collaborating with community partners is key to your success. In the weeks prior to voting, we encourage you to work with your partners to create a plan to spread the word about the program.

We've created a community collaboration kit to help you get started. Just follow these steps to begin rallying members in your community to vote for your city starting Feb 20.

Step 1: Start early

  1. Identify a list of community partners to work with. This includes your chamber of commerce, schools, nonprofits, and parks and recs department. Focus on community partners that can influence and inspire your community to vote.
  2. Share this message with the identified influential partners in your community.

Step 2: Identify the most effective promotional materials

  1. Meet and collaborate with the influential partners to develop a communications plan with timelines and assigned responsibilities.
  2. Determine the most effective ways to communicate to others in your community. And identify those in the community who can help support each outreach:
    1. Do you have an in-town printer who can create flyers?
    2. Are there opportunities to partner with a local radio station to create announcements?
    3. Can you develop daily social media posts?
    4. Are there incentive programs or community events to get people to vote?

    Please see downloadable promotional materials, below.

  3. Determine who will be responsible for which outreach. It's important to share the workload during the 4-week voting period.

Step 3: Keep the momentum going

  1. Don't stop once the voting starts. Balance the workload between your community partners to keep the momentum going throughout the voting period.
  2. Track the voting tallies each day at
  3. Based on voting results, communicate with your partners to decide if changes or additional promotions are needed down the home stretch.

Step 4: Bring home the win!

Moda Assist promotional materials:

Moda Assist flyer
Moda Assist social media posts templates
Moda Assist social media posts graphics:

The Moda Assist Program is another way that Moda Health and the Portland Trail Blazers are working together to build and support healthier communities in Oregon.


If you have any questions about the Moda Assist program, please email


We have exciting news to share. ODS is changing its name to Moda Health.

Moda comes from the latin term "modus" and means "a way". We picked it because that's what we are here to do: help our communities find a way to better health.

Together, we can be more, be better.

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Please select the state you live in, or the state where your employer is headquartered, so we can tailor your experience:

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