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Immunizations give everyone a fighting chance

Immunizations are a top priority for Moda Health. Getting more people to vaccinate contributes to one of our top pillars of corporate giving‐to help build healthier communities.

Throughout the year, our healthcare services and pharmacy teams are busy running campaigns that promote flu shots and other immunizations that prevent diseases including measles, mumps, whooping cough, shingles, pneumonia, meningococcal, HPV, and more.

The goal‐to protect everyone from serious illnesses and health-related complications.

“When you get vaccinated, you're basically giving yourself and your community a fighting chance against diseases and other health problems,”

said Cecilia Robaina, a clinical pharmacist at Moda Health.

Improving the overall health of the people and communities it serves is what drives our year-round outreach efforts to promote immunizations. Our care teams attend health fairs to educate members about the importance of vaccinations. Along with calling members about important child vaccinations and immunizations based on their age, health advocates send postcards, newsletters, emails, and reminder letters to members and providers to let them know when patients are due for vaccines.

Herd immunity

The more people who get immunized, the more everyone in the community is protected from an infectious disease. This is known as ‘herd immunity,’ which plays a key role in protecting individuals who are unable to get immunized because they are allergic to an active ingredient in a vaccine.

“It's important for everyone, especially children and the elderly, to get vaccinated,” said Robaina. “The more people that do, the more it decreases everyone else's chances of getting the virus. Everyone benefits when more people are immunized.”

Although a vaccine-preventable virus is rare in the United States, Moda's Population Health Quality Coordinator and Evaluator, Michaela Nichols, said people should continue to get immunized.

“Just because people think it's safe, doesn't mean we stop vaccinating,” said Nichols. “If a disease is controlled, we've learned that it's still important to vaccinate to help prevent a disease from coming back.”

Get a jump on flu season

August is Immunization Awareness Month, and with flu season just around the corner, our outreach efforts are focused on encouraging everyone to get a flu shot during their next doctor's visit. We make it easy for members to get flu shots by covering flu vaccines at 100 percent when they see an in-network provider, clinic or pharmacy.

“It's important to have people get vaccinated as early as they can so they are immunized before the flu season really hits,” said Robaina. “But it's never too late; getting immunized any time during the flu season is fine. The key is to get a flu shot.”

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