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Saving lives is in her blood

Carrie Townsend's photo

Carrie Townsend is not a trauma nurse, a paramedic or a heart surgeon. But through the course of her career, Carrie may have saved as many as 200 lives.

When she was in high school, Carrie's grandfather was in a horrific car accident. After they rushed him in a helicopter to the hospital, doctors managed to save his life with a major transfusion of blood.

Carrie was too young at the time to be a donor. But she swore that day that, just as soon as she could, she'd step up and give blood.

She's been stepping up and giving ever since.

Carrie, who is never seen around the office wearing anything but her wellness-inducing smile, has been a member of the Moda team for almost 16 years. She worked first in customer service, then in claims support, before moving on to her current position in healthcare services where she now helps plan and produce more than 100 wellness events every year.

"The best part of my job," she says, "is connecting with people who are making changes, no matter how small, in their lives."

Getting people Modavated, Carrie explains, is not about turning someone from a couch potato into a marathon runner. "It's about helping people understand the small steps that are available to them. It's about helping them understand that they can overcome the fear and take charge of their own lives."

Carrie, who spent her early years in Newport where her father worked as a marine biologist, was a student at Oregon State when she first signed up to donate at a Red Cross blood drive. Since then, she figures, she's donated about 70 units of blood.

According to the Red Cross, each unit of donated blood has the potential to save three lives.

That's why Moda works hard to provide employees with regular opportunities to donate. It takes just about an hour for the entire process. If you're a Moda employee who is interested in joining the family of Moda donors, talk with your supervisor. If you're not a Moda employee, but would like to donate, visit

And as for that recovery cookie you get afterwards ... "Don't worry," says Carrie. Those calories are officially approved by her wellness program.

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