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Welcome. We are excited to take care of your oral health needs. The Delta Dental of Oregon dental plan includes the Delta Dental Premier Network, which offers you access to the largest dental network available in Oregon and across the nation. Better yet, you'll save money by seeking care from participating Delta Dental Premier Providers. Delta Dental dentists have agreed to accept contracted fees as full payment for services. This means you usually pay less for each visit and are protected from balance billing – the difference between what Delta Dental of Oregon pays and the dentist's fee – which will cut down on your out-of-pocket costs.

Oral Health, Total Health

Oral health research has shown a strong link between oral health and overall health. Delta Dental of Oregon believes that when you see a dentist regularly and maintain a healthy mouth, it can help keep the rest of your body healthy, too. Through our Oral Health, Total Health program, Delta Dental of Oregon offers additional preventive benefits to members with diabetes and pregnant women in their third trimester.

Passport Dental

No matter where in the world you roam, Passport Dental gives you access to great care through your Delta Dental of Oregon dental plan.

2017 Dental plan benefits and rates

To help you better understand our dental plan benefits and rates, we've created a handy summary chart for you.

Dental plan benefits and rates
This is a summary of benefits only, for general comparison. Any errors or omissions are purely unintentional. Should any discrepancies be found between this guide and the plan document, the information in the plan document shall prevail.

1 A higher level of benefits are paid to providers who participate in the Delta Dental of Oregon Premier Dental Network. As the Delta Dental Plan of Oregon, members who live or travel outside Oregon have access to more than 145,000 dental professionals nationwide through the Delta Dental Network. Services provided by licensed dentist and certified denturists not participating with Delta Dental of Oregon or Delta Dental are paid at the out-of-network fee.

2 Charges for preventive services do not apply to the calendar year benefit maximum.

3 Some limitations may apply.

4 12 month waiting period for basic and major services following enrollment unless member has had continuous employer-sponsored dental coverage for the previous 24 months.

5 No additional premium (cost) for more than two children.
  Delta Dental
Medical plan enrollment PacificSource, Kaiser Permanente, Moda Health, Providence Health Plans
Providers Any licensed dentist, hygienist and certified denturist working within the scope of their license
Calendar year deductible $25 per individual
Calendar year benefit maximum (plan pays) $1,500 per individual2
MEMBER pays:
Preventive care
Available twice in a calendar year
Covered in full2
Covered in full2
Covered in full2, 3
Basic services
Oral surgery (extractions)

20% after deductible4

20% after deductible4

20% after deductible4
Major services
Cast restorations
Dentures/bridge work
50% after deductible4
50% after deductible4
50% after deductible4
50% after deductible4
Orthodontic services Not covered
Out-of-area coverage Worldwide for emergency services only
Exclusions and limitations Some services are limited or not covered at all, including congenital or developmental malformations, cosmetic services and experimental procedures. Also, there may be limitations for procedures for which you might receive payment from other insurance or government programs.
Retiree only
Retiree and spouse
Retiree, spouse and 1 child
Retiree, spouse and 2+ children5

To learn more about our dental plans, please call us toll-free at 888-217-2365.

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