June 1, 2010
At last, an Rx for oral health

While the braggarts of the blogosphere still argue the politics of health reform, more and more Americans are simply stepping up to take charge of their own health. The key weapon in their arsenal: information.

Using Microsoft’s HealthVault, people are gathering their personal health data, storing it, using it to help them get live well. In the process, they are embracing the connection between oral health and overall health. That’s why Dentists Management Corporation (DMC) continues to develop the Dental Optimizer, a free online oral health application connected to Microsoft HealthVault, designed to help patients:

Today Dental Optimizer™ announced the launch of a pharmacy module that allows patients to find out if the medications they are taking may impact their oral health.  In addition to learning about the side effects of their medications, users can access recommendations from dentists and pharmacists aimed at helping them alleviate potential oral health issues.

“Medication-related oral health side effects range from relatively mild to some that are much more severe,” said William Ten Pas, DMD, former president of the American Dental Association and a senior executive at Moda Health, the Oregon-based parent company of Dental Optimizer. “Understanding the potential side effects may help patients avoid serious oral health issues in the future.”  

According to Robin Richardson, Senior Vice President overseeing Pharmaceutical Programs at Moda Health,  “This new Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia application for Dental Optimizer is a great tool for consumers to better understand the link between their medications and their oral health.”

“We believe this new feature will help lead to more coordinated and effective healthcare” said Rachel Picado, President of Dental Optimizer.  “Helping patients understand effect of medications on their oral health and providing them a means to easily share personal health information with multiple healthcare providers will result in better overall well-being.”

Learn more about Dental Optimizer.

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